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How To Set Up Telstra Mail On Mac OSX (10.5 To 10.7)!

In order to set up Telstra Mail on your Mac, you will first need to register an ID. Note that if you’re not using a Telstra product already, you will need to pay in order to create an email account. In order to register a Telstra ID, all you are required to do is enter your information on the registration page. You can visit that page by clicking this link.

Now that you have our Telstra username and password, setting up Telstra Mail™ on Mac OSX (10.5 to 10.7) will be easy. According to the people from Bigpond email support, doing this can be done in a few simple steps:

Steps To Recover Bigpond Account:

  • Step 1 – Open Apple menu on your Mac
  • Step 2 – Choose Preferences
  • Step 3 – Go to the Accounts tab and click on the add icon (‘+’)
  • Step 4 – Type in your name, as well as your Telstra email address and password
  • Step 5 – Click Done to finish the setup

If, for some reason, you fail to set up Telstra Mail on Mac OSX (10.5 to 10.7) automatically, you can try to do it manually. For this, we advise you to give a call to the Telstra support number Australia and have the tech agents guide you through the whole process.

But, if you want to try first to do the manual setup on your own, here’s what you should do:

  • Step 1 – If Automatic setup fails, click Setup Manually
  • Step 2 – Set up the configuration settings (account type: IMAP, incoming server:, outgoing:
  • Step 3 – Set up the incoming mail security by enabling SSL and adding a password
  • Step 4 – Enable outgoing mail server and security
  • Step 5 – In the Account Summary, make sure to tick the box named ‘Take account online’
  • Step 6 – Click Create to finish the manual setup

If both automatic and manual setups fail to bring results, in order to set up Telstra Mail on your Mac, you will need the help of professionals. We urge you not to waste your time. Instead, simply give us a call on Bigpond support number our team will guide you step-by-step in setting up Telstra Mail™ on Mac OSX (10.5 to 10.7)!

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